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 Ecuador's Exquisite Roses Have No Rivals

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MessaggioTitolo: Ecuador's Exquisite Roses Have No Rivals   Dom 10 Lug 2011 - 19:40

An experienced flower buyer with a discerning eye will always opt for Ecuadorian roses over roses grown in other locales. Ecuadorian long-stemmed roses are world-renowned for their huge bloom size, long vase life, superb quality, and rich color.

Ecuador has surged to the top of the international cut flower market in recent years, providing a large percentage of flowers imported by countries such as Canada, Germany, Holland, Italy, Russia and the United States, amongst others. With hundreds of millions of dollars in sales to the U.S. alone, it is clear that the market recognizes the superior nature of the Ecuadorian product.

The United States buys more than 70% of its cut flowers from South America, but quality varies widely from country to country. Ecuador has rich volcanic soil and ideal climactic conditions for growing exquisite roses and other types of cut flowers. Thousands of acres of roses are cultivated in the fertile farmlands north of the capital city of Quito. The region’s long, sunny days and warm temperatures enable the plants to thrive and produce impressive baseball-sized blooms.

Ecuador produces over 60 stunning varieties of roses, including captivating yellow-blossomed varieties such as Allsmer Gold and Skyline, the pink Anna Nubia, and the purple-colored Ravel and Gretta varieties. And of course, as you would expect there are numerous red varieties such as the ever-popular First Red, Madame Del Bar and Royal Velvet.

Roses grown in other countries such as Colombia or Holland or grown in greenhouses in North America simply cannot compare to premium long-stemmed roses from Ecuador. Placed side-by-side, the Ecuadorian roses will dwarf other roses in size. Ecuadorian roses are also noteworthy for their thick stems, which resist drooping and provide excellent support for the larger blooms.

Added to their impressive size is their excellent resistance and vase life, making these roses the ideal choice for any special occasion. Roses exported from Ecuador are handled with extreme delicacy during cultivation and cutting and are and also pampered during their journey from farm to vase. During the cold-chain transportation process, cut flowers are shipped in temperature-controlled containers equipped with carbon dioxide (CO2) monitors to prevent dehydration and ensure just-cut freshness. Efficiency during every stage of the transportation process ensures that roses grown in Ecuador arrive swiftly and at the peak or freshness.
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Ecuador's Exquisite Roses Have No Rivals
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